Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams And Cleanings Jackson DentistsPracticing oral care at home is important but unfortunately, it can’t get the job done alone. For adequate removal of plaque and tartar, our Jackson dentists recommend teeth cleanings every 6 months.

This widely accepted standard not only allows for cleaner teeth, but also provides an opportunity for any arising issues to be caught early.

Purpose of Routine Preventive Care

It’s easy to adopt a cavalier attitude and not take cleanings or oral exams seriously. However, it’s in your best interest to receive a professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year if possible. A toothbrush and floss are not as powerful as dental tools which can remove stubborn tartar.

Our dentists may even ask that you return to our Jackson dental office more frequently depending on your specific needs. For instance, if you have advanced gum disease, you will require additional deep cleaning to manage the condition.

What You Can Expect

A teeth cleaning appointment can be broken down into 4 individual stages. Each is straightforward and the entire visit shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. If you would prefer pill sedation for the procedure, our dentists can provide that for you to ease your nerves.

Stage 1: Physical Exam of Mouth

One of our hygienists will start by using a small handheld mirror to take a closer look at your teeth and gums. Mainly, we’ll look for signs of inflammation, infection, or decay. All potential concerns will be noted and anything major will be brought up to our dentists.

Stage 2: Removal of Plaque & Tartar

The hygienist will use a tool known as a scaler to gently scrape away plaque and tartar from between your teeth and around your gum line. The scraping noise may sound unpleasant but is normal. It’s important to remember that a more dedicated oral hygiene routine at home can translate to less scraping in the dental chair.

Stage 3: Gritty Toothpaste & Specialized Brush

In comes the high-powered electric brush and “crunchy” toothpaste. Our hygienist will use the two components to deep clean and polish teeth so no tartar is left behind from the scaler. The gritty consistency of the toothpaste works to scrub teeth in a way over-the-counter toothpaste cannot.

Stage 4: Flossing Session

The final part of your cleaning consists of in-depth flossing by our hygienist. This session is a great time to identify any trouble areas, i.e., bleeding at the gums, and allows any plaque or toothpaste that has been left behind from prior stages to be removed. If applicable, fluoride may be applied to teeth after this stage.

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