Dental Sealants

Jackson Dental Sealant DentistsEffectively seal out food particles and decay with the application of dental sealants. Painted or brushed onto the chewing surface of back molars by our Jackson dentists, sealants are thin, plastic coatings that work to prevent cavities.

Children, teens, and adults can benefit from having these clear barriers on their teeth as they have the potential to last years.

Why Are Dental Sealants Used?

Your back teeth, or molars, have fine grooves and pits located on top. It is the existence of these grooves that make the teeth susceptible to decay. Unfortunately, even the bristles of a toothbrush can’t reach within the sometimes deep fissures which makes them hard to clean.

Over time, plaque can build up inside these areas and cavities can occur as a result. Of course this leads to the need for tooth-colored fillings and results in extra cost. Fillings, and cavities for that matter, can be avoided with the use of sealants. When applied, sealants literally “seal” the fine grooves or pits and keep debris out.

Who Benefits Most From Sealants?

Generally speaking, sealants are more commonly prioritized for children and teenagers once their molars erupt. Applying sealants to premolars and molars is favorable when individuals are younger because they offer such strong prevention against tooth decay.

Make no mistake, adults can enjoy sealants too. However, it is less common and sealants are mainly reserved for patients who have deeper grooves or fissures on their back teeth. This would also apply if a patient didn’t already have fillings or sealants.

Ask our team of dentists about sealants and whether they’re right for you. The application itself only takes a few minutes and is completely painless.

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