Full & Partial Dentures

Full And Partial Dentures Jackson DentistsNot every patient wants to commit to the dental implant procedure and that’s perfectly fine. Our Jackson, MI, dentists also offer full and partial dentures as an option for those wanting to restore their smile.

Achieve a seamless look that not only fills in gaps, but allows for easier speaking, talking, and chewing.

What Are Dentures?

Removable dental appliances that replace lost teeth, dentures come in two forms: full and partial. Patients who require full dentures are often missing all of their upper and lower teeth while partials are great for instances where only a few teeth are gone.

Traditionally, dentures are made soon after tooth removal if teeth are not already missing. If needed, immediate dentures can also be placed right after teeth are extracted. Our dentists can discuss your treatment plan with you so you’re aware of what to expect.

The fabrication of a pair of dentures may take a few weeks. We’ll start by taking digital impressions of your jaw and make a note of how your jaws fit together. A temporary model will then be made which we’ll have you try to assess the color, shape, and fit. Finally, the final full or partial dentures are created and adjustments are made.

Things to Expect After

When you first start wearing dentures, it can take some time to get used to them. It’s common for your mouth to feel awkward or uncomfortable in the first few weeks with dentures in place.

You can expect the following with new dentures:

  • A loose feeling as your cheek and tongue muscles learn to keep them stable
  • Minor irritation or soreness
  • Excess saliva (for a temporary period)

Love Your New Smile

Dentures courtesy of our dentists in Jackson, MI, are designed and crafted to closely match the look of your original smile. Whether you’re replacing a few teeth with a partial or both your upper and lower arch, we can custom create what you need to feel confident. Call The Dental Experience today at (517) 787-5367 to request an appointment.