How & Why Dental Implants Last So Long

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When patients are in the process of choosing a restoration method for their smile, our Jackson, MI, dentists know to expect one question: how long will this last before I need to have it replaced? Fortunately, with dental implants, the answer is generally a lifetime which supports their rise in popularity.

Here are a few reasons that explain the overall lifespan of dental implants.

A Strong Design Made Up of Quality Materials 

If you’re curious as to why dental implants get billed as long-lasting, all you have to do is learn about their base materials and overall design. Most commonly, implants are constructed using titanium alloy which is highly resistant to fracture, non-corrosive, and much better at handling pressure over time than other tooth replacement options.

In terms of how they’re designed, a dental implant is meant to mimic a natural tooth root. Sure, it’s not the same, but all of the necessary components are there and because the implant is placed surgically, it’s able to become a permanent part of your mouth instead of resting on top of the gum line.

A complete implant consists of 3 major parts: the dental crown, the abutment (connector piece), and the post/screw. These all combine together to not only look great, but to function like a real tooth would and bonus, stimulate the jawbone which is needed to keep it healthy in the long run.

Exploring Osseointegration 

The term “osseointegration” is a bit of a mouthful but it’s a natural process that involves the metal post fusing with your jawbone which greatly contributes to the strength of dental implants. If this didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be any stability.

Generally speaking, you can expect for osseointegration and full healing to take several months. This is obviously much longer than other types of restoration but many of our patients would agree that the time required is well worth the end result. Our dentists can discuss your individual situation with you so you’re aware of all commitments.

Prioritize Everyday Care 

It might seem strange that basic oral hygiene is still needed to maintain a dental implant even though it’s not alive or natural. The purpose of brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once daily, and receiving teeth cleanings every 6 months is more so to keep your remaining teeth and surrounding gums healthy. If they were to deteriorate, the support for your implant would be in jeopardy.

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Sticking to a strict oral hygiene routine will not only benefit your new implant(s), but your overall mouth health as well. Our dentists also recommend positive lifestyle choices like refraining from smoking or using tobacco products, especially during the healing process. Amazingly, implants can last the rest of your life if cared for properly.

Implant “Failure”: Can It Happen?

While it is more rare, dental implants can fail if something goes wrong soon after placement or there are conflicting health conditions like diabetes. Physical injuries to the mouth or dental emergencies can disrupt the healing process while munching on harder foods before the bone has become strong enough can also cause issues and a higher chance of failure.

Accidental circumstances aside, our dentists only want to set you up for success so if we find through exams, medical records, and dental X-rays that implants are not for you, we’ll explore other suitable procedures like dental bridges or dentures.

Let’s Talk About Your Smile 

Our dental implant dentists in Jackson, MI, have completed years of in-depth training centered around tooth replacement. If you’re ready to pursue dental implants in particular, we can help you set up a consultation where we’ll go over every step and detail involved in the process. Call The Dental Experience today at (517) 787-5367 to request an appointment.