Keep These 4 Truths About Invisalign® In Mind

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Before you move forward with enhancing your smile, our Jackson Invisalign® dentists want you to be informed. The last thing we want is for you to feel frustrated or caught off guard while wearing your clear aligners. There are some necessary trade-offs that are required with any form of orthodontic treatment and Invisalign is no different.

Here are 4 things to remember when choosing Invisalign clear aligners for yourself.

Remember That With Invisalign, You:

1) Must Wear Your Aligners For a Set Amount of Time

With regular braces, there is no taking those off unless you’ve completed your treatment. They are securely attached to your teeth and only an orthodontist or their supporting staff can effectively remove them.

Clear aligners are different. For one, they’re removable! When you need to eat, brush your teeth, or floss, you simply take them out and place them in their protective case. Unfortunately, the ability to easily remove them has its downside.

If you’re not committed to your treatment, it can be more than a little tempting to leave your Invisalign aligners out for too long. However, successful results can only be attained if each set of aligners stay in place for at least 22 hours every day. Our dentists strongly recommend you follow this rule or risk delaying your progress.

Need help keeping track of the time your aligners are out for a meal? Try the Invisalign “hack” where you set a timer. That way, when it rings later you are held accountable and can keep your treatment on schedule.

2) May Notice a Slight Lisp When You Talk

Have you ever worn a retainer before? If so, you may be familiar with how it can slightly change the way you sound when you speak. Thankfully, Invisalign is much thinner than many retainers or mouth guards but aligners may still create a minor lisp when in place.

The good news is that not every patient develops a lisp and for many, it goes away as they move through treatment. Regardless, it is typically minor to begin with (if it even happens) and should not deter you from choosing Invisalign.

3) Will Need to Complete Extra Steps When Drinking Coffee

Ah, delicious coffee in the morning. Don’t worry, it’s still possible with Invisalign but it does get complicated if you need more than one cup. This goes more for the adult orthodontic patients and less for those in their teenage years, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Every time you drink a beverage that isn’t water, our dentists recommend that you first remove your aligners. Otherwise, you can stain the plastic and ruin the nearly invisible appearance. You should also brush your teeth if possible and rinse the aligners before putting them back in your mouth.

This can of course become a hassle if you require that extra jolt in the early hours of the day. With time, you can adapt to the new procedure of removing the aligners, practicing the necessary oral hygiene habits, and putting them back in. It’ll just take some patience and hey, it might help you cut back on caffeine.

4) May Have to Temporarily Control Snacking

When you’re watching a good tv show or movie, it’s easy to munch on a snack while you relax. However, with Invisalign aligners in place, the activity of snacking becomes a bit more difficult.

Think about it. The aligners are in your mouth for up to 22 hours a day. There isn’t much time left for snacks when the spare hours are already dedicated to larger meals. Now, if you’re trying to cut down on snacking, having Invisalign may be a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, we can make you a referral for a local orthodontist who offers other forms of treatment.

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Any time you choose to pursue orthodontics, you will have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. However, our Invisalign dentists in Jackson, MI, want you to remember that you won’t have to live like this forever and it’s only temporary. Get to know more about Invisalign clear aligners by calling The Dental Experience today at (517) 787-5367 to request an appointment.